Musical Instruments of Manipur


Pena(an instrument made from a bamboo rod and the shell of a gourd or coconut.

Khol(A terracotta two-sided drum. One of the sides of the khol is much smaller than the other. Both sides are covered with naturally dead cow or goat skin

Khuong (A drum)

Cymbals and Percussions

Manjira and Kartal(Cymbals)

Pung(Mridanga)(Cylindrical Drum)

Jhal(a large cymbal)

Ramkartal and Mandira (Small Cymbals)

Dahpi(big gong)

Dah Cha(Small gong)

Pipe Instruments

Sankh (conch)

Goshem(bamboo pipe which is made of dry gourd and bamboo)

Selki(mithun's horn)

Theile(A type of flute which is made of dry bamboo pipe)

String Instrument

Esraj(A string instrument with a bow which is known as gaz)

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  2. Thanks for sharing this great information on music instruments here! Marcus


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